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Returning to Ordinary Life. Normativity, Temporality and the Everyday


12th October

► 10h Opening: Sandra Laugier, Estelle Ferrarese

Session 1. Chair:  Sandra Laugier, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

► 10h15 Anne Gonon (Doshisha University)

The internally displaced woman after Fukushima nuclear plant  disaster

► 11h15 Mona Khneisser (University of Illinois)

Recovering the Ordinary amidst Crisis & Collapse in Lebanon

► 12h15 Pierre Fasula

An inevitable but impossible return to ordinary life. Jean Améry and the contradictions of resentment

Session 2 Chair: Estelle Ferrarese (UPJV, IUF)

► 14h Anne Lovell (INSERM)

Living the after: end-of-world experiences and the ordinary of madness after disaster

► 15h Clara Han (Johns Hopkins University)

Making a neighborhood conflict: domestics, police, documents, and injury

13th October

Session 3 Chair: Sofia Miguens, University of Porto, Visiting Prof. ISJPS

► 10h Sandra Laugier (ISJPS)

The ordinary and the everyday

► 11h Piergiorgio Donatelli (La Sapienza) 

Rethinking the domestic

► 12h Emmanuel Nardon (UPJV)

The state of love and the transfiguration of ordinary life

Session 4 Chair: Perig Pitrou, CNRS-LAS-Maison française d’Oxford

► 14h30 Marie Gaille (CNRS) et Agathe Camus (Université Paris Cité, SPHERE)

How can you mend a broken pace? Chronic condition and the discreet continuous reinvention of life

► 15h30 Estelle Ferrarese (UPJV, IUF) 

Sobbing. A breach in the flow of time

► 16h30 Veena Das and Aashi Mehndipara (Johns Hopkins University)

What Makes an Epidemic Real? Public Enactments, and the Desires to Just Get By

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Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, centre Lourcine

1, rue de la Glacière, 75013 Paris

Bâtiment 1 Suzanne Bastid, 3e étage, Espace Gisèle Halimi

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Workshop organized with the support of the International Research Network  Norms of Life (NOVI), CNRS